House rule
The guests of the apartment are obliged to follow and accept the points of the Policy and the rules of the civilized behaviour and the human coexistence.
1. Payment methods : cash, credit card, SZÉP card, transfer. Accepted currencies: Forint (HUF-Ft) and Euro (EUR-€) 2. The quarters are available from 2 pm on the date of the arrival until 10 am on the date of the departure. Other possibilities are available on prior communication. The card ( key) must be given to the quarter-master in the case of utter leaving. The date of the leaving must be communicated towards the quarter-master! 3. If our guests leave the apartment before the agreed date of departure, we are not capable of refunding. At departure the remote controls should be returned. We kindly ask our guests to close the doors and windows at departure. 4. The number of people, who are using our quarters are must be equal to the previously agreed number. With the prior endorsement of the quarter-master the extra-bed for children under six is free of charge. In this case there is no bed or bedding for the child. We can provide – on prior request – crib or travel cot for babies. 5. The quarter-master has the right – without prior announcement – to check whether the number of guests are matching the previously announced and paid numbers or not. These controls must not harass the guests and the controls, cleaning should respect the personality rights of the guests. 6. Our guests can have visitors in the daytime (8am – 9pm) with the prior agreement with the quarter-master. 7. Pets must be kept away from the apartment! 8. In the case of accidental loss of the cards (keys) the guests must report it immediately , and they are obliged to reimburse the price of the key and the lock replacement to the quarter-master. 9. The quarter-master is not responsible for accidents or property damages, if they are the results of improper use. 10. The guests are responsible for every damage caused by them as the result of improper use, and the damage must be reimbursed to the quarter-master. 11. The violation of the Policy can be followed by expulsion, or rather the stealing or damaging the equipment may result other provisions. 12. The quarter-master must be informed immediately about any problems arisen regarding the apartment or the room during the staying. Posterior complaints are not accepted ! 13. The equipment of the apartments cannot be taken outside. At arrival and the departure we are visiting the rooms. If any damaged caused, the guest will be charged on location. 14. For properties left in the quarters the quarter-master is not responsible. 15. The fee of the residency contains the utility the costs or other overhead costs, the bedding with covers, towels, in the case of a stay longer than a week the change of the bedding and the final cleaning. 16. We kindly ask you to look to the order and the cleanness. At departure we kindly ask you to not leave any unwashed dishes or garbage in the rooms. 17. In the cupboard you can find a smaller first-aid kit. In the case of bigger trouble call the 112 emergency number. 18. In the case of fire you can find a fire-extinguisher in the stair case, start the evacuation immediately and call the Fire Department on the number 105, then the quarter-master ! 19. Smoking in the apartment is forbidden ! Smoking is possible outside, in the area for smoking ! 20. The apartments are given to the guests clean and during their stay they have to keep it clean ! 21. The communal waste should be collected in the dust-bin in the kitchen. Please empty them in the dust-bin on the street. Other garbage bags can be found under the dishwasher ! 22. Dining The apartment has a well equipped kitchen. Please keep it clean ! Do not put metal containing plates or other objects inside the microwave oven! 23. Parking The parking in the closed court is free of charge ! The gateway should be left clear in every case !